Imagine swimming with the dolphins in one of the most beautiful blue lagoons in the world. Enter the World Water Watcher Sweepstakes and you could be the Grand Prize Winner. For helping to protect the environment, you could win the Sweepstakes and take your family(4) on a Get Away Vacation to the island of Hawaii.

How Do I Enter the Sweepstakes?

The Sweepstakes winner will be decided in December of 2002 and you will have six months to take your family on an island Get Away.

The rules of the Sweepstakes are easy. Just follow them step by step and you could be a winner.

1. First, join the Water Watcher Club so that you have a member number and we know how to identify you when we receive your Sweepstakes entry. Be sure to put your name a
nd Club membership number on every page you send or e-mail to us so that don't get any of your entry materials lost.

2. Plan a community project for you and your family that helps to protect or conserve the fresh water and the clean air. For example, you could spend a day picking up the trash being washed down into the storm drains or picking up litter from a dried creek bed. For the air you could plant a tree or plant a garden and take care of the plants or pull weeds from a green area.

It could be lots of fun and, for sure, it is good for the environment. Wabo and Ip will be right there with you helping to insure that the water we drink is fresh and pure and the air we breath is clean and that the sun's harmful UV rays are blocked by the ozone.

3. Document everything you are doing to clean up the air and the water. Keep a journal from the time you have the idea of what you are going to do to the very last minute of your project. Write down all of your thoughts so that you can e-mail them to us or mail them to us at Our Home in the Clouds.

4. Tell your local newspaper that you are doing something to help the environment of your community. try and get them to put your story in the newspaper encouraging other people to "Pitch In and Pick Up". If
the newspaper writes a story, keep a copy of the story and send it to Wabo and Ip so that we can frame it and put it on our Wall of Water Watchers.

5. Take pictures of your project and send us some pictures either over the internet or in the mail.

6. Wabo and Ip have a special surprise they will send to everyone who enters the Sweepstakes so everyone is a winner!

7. The entries will all be read by December and the judges will choose a winner. You will be notified by e-mail and mail if you are a winner. Then all you have to do is plan a wonderful trip to hawaii with your family and remember to keep making your community a World Water Watch Zone!