The ozone layer is our atmosphere. It is a layer of super oxygen that blankets the world. This blanket filters the hot rays from the sun. It keeps the world cooler and keeps us from sun burning all the time. These really hot sun rays are called UV rays and they can be very harmful to plants, animals, and us!

The ozone needs oxygen. It gets its supply of oxygen from plants, especially trees. If we cut the trees down then we are cutting down the amount of oxygen being made for the ozone.

The ozone is also affected by air pollution. Actually, air pollution can cut a hole right through the ozone layer!

When the ozone layer is weakened by a lack of oxygen or by air pollution it begins to let more harmful rays from the sun through. This is called global warming. Global warming is when the ozone layer is thin and more heat from the sun is coming down to the earth. It causes the North and the South Pole to melt and that can make problems for the oceans.

Ip lives in the O-zone and he watches for air polluters and protects plants and trees. One of his favorite days is Arbor Day because people all over the world plant new trees on that day. If Ip wanted to give you a really special gift he would give you a package of seed and help you plant a garden.

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